05 April 2019

Who Cares? As long as they sell!

“Seriously, who cares?” is a question I am often asked, when I mention profiling the personalities in the sales team.

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02 April 2019

Three things that mark you out as a Dinosaur!

Unless you live in a cave, you will know we live in a fast-changing retail world. Although I specialise in the motor industry, I find it both commercially and creatively helpful to have a few clients from other sectors and sales disciplines.They include one who sells hot tubs, another who deals in £100k garden cinema rooms, civil engineers and even solicitors.

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27 March 2019

Five points of Influence

When people arrive in your showroom, they have a limited agenda and it is generally accepted that they are now further down the ‘buying journey’ than in pre-internet days. However, we should focus more on what prospects want, than where we think they are in the process.

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22 March 2019

The Customer isn’t always right, but…

“The customer isn’t always right!”

That can’t be the case – can it? Surely, the customer IS always right?

!Well, yes and no.

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