A to Z of Sales – ‘Belief’

Believe - Be Brave - Be Bold

Your belief systems are the foundation of your life.  You have gathered your beliefs from your parents, teachers and role-models throughout your life.  We are all born as a blank sheet of paper and we acquire ways of thinking that support us as we journey through life.  As humans we have the capacity to challenge our own beliefs, indeed I am sure you have tested the beliefs of others and you have adjusted your standpoint to make sure your beliefs serve you well.

After all, it is your beliefs which trigger how you respond to situations in your life and therefore your emotional response to the events around you.

Applied to your sales career, beliefs are what set you apart from a con-man/woman – someone who ‘cons’ the other person into doing something that is not in their best interest.  Literally ‘a confidence trickster’.

So, it is possible to have a modicum of success without belief, but if your aim is to have a sustainable and successful career it is important that you understand where belief systems fit in to your approach and behaviour.

To be truly successful at selling anything it is really important that you have belief in yourself, that you are acting in the best interests of your customers at all times.  Supporting your customers is the best way to support your company in the long run.

It is essential that you have absolute belief in your product/service and that it adds value to your customers/prospects.  This belief will help you enormously when you get objections or if your customer is undecided for any reason.

Your beliefs around yourself, your company and your product/service will be the foundation of how you manage your customer/prospect’s confidence in you as a solution to their problem.

Your natural enthusiasm from the right belief system for; you, your company, your product/service will be contagious and when you add some technical selling skills you will become very persuasive.

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