My Only Crime?

I didn't go into the dealership to say "I don't want one!"

So, let’s say I wake up in the morning and decide to change my car. I have spent, according to Google, 14 hours online researching my preferred model and the value of my part exchange. I’ve had a quick look at finance availability and discovered that I qualify for a loan to cover my new purchase.

With a real sense of excitement; I exit the shower, towel myself down, dress and head for breakfast, during which, I go online one last time to make sure I really want the new car – and I do!

I’ve chosen the car; I’ve identified the Dealership, and I’m heading out of the door to the chosen people whom I hope are going to put me into my new car.

On arrival at the Showroom, I meet the salesperson, who invites me in and offers me refreshments – I take a coffee and we sit down to discuss my requirements. We spend time doing an appraisal of my part exchange, we go for a drive in my intended new car – all good so far.

Next comes the tricky bit, the negotiation. We have a bit of back and forth with the sales manager, before settling on the Dealer’s ‘Final Offer’.

I’ve developed great rapport with the salesperson (or so I think) we’ve chatted about many things as well as buying a car but…

I’m just not the type to rush into things, £25,000 – and three-years finance is a big decision, so I want to go away and sleep on it, so I leave the Dealership with vague promises of returning.

The salesperson goes into the sales office having failed to close the deal – and I’ve suddenly become a time-waster! (and other less polite terms maybe?) – Under scrutiny from the Sales Manager and the rest of the sales team – you the salesperson turns me the customer – into the villain!

My only crime?

I researched my choices and chose the product you sell.  I looked at my buying options and chose your dealership, and I had the good fortune to meet with you.  On top of that I gave you a couple of hours of my life neither of us will get back, I listened to all your reason and argument as to why I should buy – but when I didn’t, ‘I’ became the villain!

Genuinely, I couldn’t have done much more to help you sell me a car…

YOUR challenge is to remember – I didn’t come in to tell you “I don’t want one!”

Good Luck and Good Selling!


2 responses to “My Only Crime?”

  1. Great points Rob.

    And your advice here is…..what? What ‘quid pro quo’ am I getting?
    I took the time to read your post so what do I get in return?
    I know you advise WIIFM but as far as I can see there isn’t IIFM in this particular one.

    • Thanks for the comments Mike…the WIIFM made you think about how you deal with every customer #ifitdidntitshouldhavedone.
      Ps. I still haven’t mastered Romeo and Juliet!

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