“This programme has generated almost 1,000 extra car sales across the Hyundai network. My advice to any dealer or dealer group would be listen to Rob! He knows what he’s talking about. Do what he suggests and you will significantly improve sales and profitability.”

“I have had the opportunity of working with Rob over a period of years. His passion and enthusiasm are infectious and certainly make working with him a pleasure and inspiration.

During my time working with Rob my retail sales increased from an average of 150 units per annum to 330. My PPU increased by 50% and CSI improved immeasurably.

Robs principles and processes are easy to follow and unlike many consultants it was easy to see that using his methods, my sales and profitability would improve. I certainly enjoyed outselling my colleagues every month and the subsequent additional commission.

I have since used Rob’s methods in positions of Sales Management and General Management and once again they have proven to be very successful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob and his ideas and programmes to any business who wish to increase their sales and profitability.”

“Absolutely brilliant. I will always use Rob to motivate our team.”

“Welcome back! I’d forgotten how good a speaker you are; you kept the audience on the edge of its seat throughout.”

“Rob tells it as it is and keeps you focused on the future goal.”

“The programme was a real eye opener. What I learned helped me understand people better; to take a step back and think about the person I am dealing with. I refer to it all the time and use it every day. It’s particularly good when selling in a business-to-business scenario.”

“Was very impressed with the course content and firmly believe it will help my style and improve my approach to various situations. Rob was by far the most impressive instructor I have witnessed and is clearly at the top of his field.”

“Just a quick bit of feedback regarding our event with Rob. He was very, very good and really inspired the team, whose feedback was great. His messages throughout really hit home with our people and we will be able to transfer these into their daily work really well – it was a fab start to our training focus. Rob was very accommodating and easy to work with – as well as very funny – and I would recommend him to others.”