We work with individuals, teams and organisations in the automotive industry to improve performance.

The modern salesperson needs to be intuitive and flexible, have a wide range of verbal skills and a genuine desire to trust and support the customer in their buying preferences. They need to have the dexterity to deal with each customer as an individual, whilst providing the highest level of consistent customer service promoting the desire to buy.

Our proposition is to completely rethink the sales mindset, stop thinking ‘sell’ and start interacting with customers on an experiential rather than a transactional basis. Develop the ultimate buying experience applying modern persuasion and influencing techniques that are proven to improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

A few words from Steve Russell at Ringways on how we’ve made a difference! Discover more about what we do and who we do it for in our case studies section. To find out what we can do for you just get in touch.

We run Food for Thought events with some of the top Automotive Business Leaders, to stay ahead of the industry and move with modern times. Watch our latest video for our recent table discussion.

Who we are

Here at RPA, we are a team of Associates who work with individuals, teams and organisations in the motor industry to help improve performance. We specialise in providing the modern customer a frictionless experience in sales, aftersales and customer care. We also work with teams to improve communication, personal development and build employee and customer engagement, through trust and respect.

Rob Purfield

Principal Associate

Laura Booth

Business Development Associate