Rob Purfield

With more than 20 years’ experience working with global car manufacturers, including Suzuki, Volvo, Toyota, Vauxhall and Volkswagen, Rob Purfield is the go-to business profit consultant for the motoring sector.

Creating bespoke strategies to ignite positive change and promote commercial growth, Rob advises on the psychology of leadership, commercial performance and personal growth. He spends much of his time working with corporate organisations, coaching individuals and delivering motivational speeches.

Having started as an accountant with one of the ‘Big Four’, his transition into sales fired his passion for achievement through self-belief and motivation.

His proposition is that athletes perform against each other, regardless of the weather or track conditions. Therefore, companies compete against rivals not market conditions. This ethos has never been more relevant than in today’s uncertain, volatile and ultra-competitive global business environment.

As an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rob studied for three years with NLP co-creator John Grinder and is both a qualified hypnotist and hypnotherapist. His grasp of popular psychology and its impact on personal and corporate achievement makes him stand out as a formidable agent of change in any environment.

Rob is a qualified Firewalk Instructor, adding firewalking seminars to his armoury. He says, “Firewalking is a powerful metaphor for self-belief. If you can do that – you can do anything. Bringing all this together with his finance background, business acumen, and unique presentation style, makes Rob a truly inspirational speaker, trainer, coach and business consultant.

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