Smart Moves™ programme achieves outstanding results for Vauxhall

Four month plan shifts Vauxhall’s enquiry to appointment conversion rate from 10% to a staggering 86%!

Vauxhall is one of Europe’s super brands and accounts for its group’s largest market share in the UK. Keeping the sales process alive and its sales force motivation high are two fundamentals that are never taken for granted by the manufacturer’s board of directors.

Despite its strong brand and reputation for innovation, style and great design, the Vauxhall dealership network has shared the thinner consumer traffic experienced by the entire retail sector.

We were tasked with countering the effects of the general downturn across ten dealerships. For this sales-boosting programme, we chose to concentrate on just one of our many proven methods – selling more cars by getting more buyers into the showrooms!

Rob and the team designed the Smart Moves™ programme for Vauxhall. This focused predominantly on improving the number of appointments generated by sales people from incoming enquiries.

In month one we carried out a mystery shop benchmark exercise to determine the start point – ‘where the dealerships were’ in terms of conversion success rates (namely their ability to turn incoming enquiries into appointments). Immediately following this, Rob and the team delivered training to the manufacturer’s field sales team, the dealer-based sales managers and sales people covering all ten dealerships.

Northern Motors, Harrow, sales manager, Tony Taylor, said: “The combination of consultancy, training and mystery shopping followed by coaching visits has been ideal for us. This excellent programme has enhanced our business, with showroom traffic busier than ever before – and I believe it would benefit the entire network!”

Running for four months, the results were outstanding and delivered an 800%+ increase in conversion rates across the dealerships.



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