Our Toyota referrals programme increased sales immediately and boosted customer satisfaction

£75,000 EXTRA profit in just six months for only five hours’ training!

Toyota’s highly respected Yorkshire sales operations manager, Clare Wright, tasked us with countering the combined impact on revenues and footfall in her region caused by the challenging economic climate and a major product recall. Deciding that it was time to introduce her retail centres to some proactive sales principles, she wanted to:

  • Refresh the focus of her showrooms
  • Motivate sales teams to attack the market more energetically
  • Learn new ways of winning more business.


Rob Purfield introduced Clare to his powerful sales referrals programme, SmartMoves™ for Referrals. This is based on the latest accelerated learning techniques and follows a proven sales formula, which is guaranteed to produce results.

The one-day course can be delivered to groups of up to 60 people at once, saving time and cost, although the learning begins before the training day itself. To open delegates’ minds in preparation for this, links to unique online supporting material are sent to attendees.

All receive an e-book, an e-film and a podcast, covering all the key principles of SmartMoves™ for Referrals formula for success, that will be explored fully during face-to-face sessions.

These convey individually relevant hard facts about famous successful sales people to audience members. In the process, delegates are armed with a number of practical sales tools and a formula for mirroring successful behaviour.

Rob’s delivery style is unique, combining high energy, entertainment and straight-talking. He shows salespeople how they can very quickly and easily start to use his techniques to generate their own sales success immediately.

This programme is fact-based, demonstrating solid sales principles in a different way. Participants also carry out a number of practical sales activities on the day. In fact, they do more proactive selling there and then than they would otherwise have done in a month. On our latest project, the team sent out over 600 proactive referral requests to satisfied customers – in just two days.

As a result of the SmartMoves™ For Referrals programme, participating centres are presenting bouquets of flowers with all cars, new and used.

Some are presenting designer umbrellas, cuddly toys and pen sets. Some centres are giving a £100 cash incentive to people who refer their family and friends, whilst others are giving away £50 vouchers or food hampers.

The results speak for themselves, because all of the Toyota Centres that took part in this training have sold extra cars and improved their Customer Satisfaction scores.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Every Toyota Centres that took part in the training enjoyed extra car sales and improved its customer satisfaction score dramatically as a result.

The Programme is focused on a simple, but effective structure, covering:

  • The showroom experience
  • The handover
  • The incentive
  • The follow-up
  • How to use business cards effectively

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