What if no one told you?

89% of managers think…

…people leave for more money – 12% actually do! 90% of Business Leaders believe an Engagement Strategy would make a difference and improve business performance – 25% actually had one!

Employee experience dictates customer experience – and I’m not talking about ‘years of experience’ I’m talking about what they actually experience in the work environment. What is the real focus of the business?

When employees are engaged, they have more pride in their work and therefore put in a more valiant effort. Of course, higher efforts result in a greater quality output. This helps increase sales. It’s common sense, but many companies still don’t see the correlation between happy employees and happy customers.

It’s a misconception that working more means working smarter. Personally, I believe that working happy is the more important factor.

Too often when I work ‘in-dealership’ I hear too many managers talking about ‘them’ and ‘they’ when referring to the team. When poor CSi results come out it’s ‘their’ fault (the sales team), they say ‘I’ve told them so many times!’

When activity rates are low, or sales presentations are not being done properly, or conversion rates drop, all too often it is the ‘Team’s’ fault! The management solution is to fire a couple of poor performers and ‘freshen things up’ or to look for a ‘couple of big hitters’.

I’ve witnessed salespeople coming off of a training course, paid for by the company, only for managers to deride them for trying something new.

It’s a sad fact that 42% of employees believe their manager does not contribute to a positive company culture.

So, here’s the reality – it’s the managers role to get the job done. Management is getting things done through others. So if your department isn’t performing, don’t look at the ‘Team’ look in the mirror.

What are you doing to create a motivational environment? One where everyone feels valued, not undermined!

Common mistakes many managers make is not understanding simple things like; ‘Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit’ and is very de-motivational for most people. Humiliating people publicly doesn’t enhance anyone’s desire to perform better – casual racism and sexism, however light-hearted, is never appreciated. Nicknames and stereotyping are rampant in many sales departments, but again, these breed resentment not motivation. Foul and abusive language, whether directed at someone or just generally used as normal communication, loses respect.

Now, there is every chance that someone reading this thinks their team is different and they can ‘get away’ with any of the above – but remember, you’re the boss – so if I want to keep my job I may just smile and accept things, but inside I may be, and probably do, think something completely different. It’s not what people say to you that’s important, it’s what they say about you (when you’re not there) that really matters.

Unfortunately for most companies it is the best people that leave when there is a ‘negative’ environment – because they can – they are in demand, and your company is left with those who don’t care, keep their head down and just go with the flow – but they still lack respect and internal motivation.

Maybe think about it like this… “It’s not your job as a manager/leader to MOTIVATE others – it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to avoid de-motivating them!”

For some feedback on how to create a motivated team, watch what this business did to improve things and why they won Employer of the Year!

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