What would Customers Say if you Really Listened?

Do you think you are a good listener?

Have you ever been given a gift for your birthday that you didn’t particularly like, or need? The other person, excitedly handing it over, loving it so much, longing for your expression to be just like theirs when they came across it. Or maybe you are one of the people handing over the gift? The gift that you liked so much you bought two of so you could have one too?

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday, and I was thinking about what to get him? A golfing t-shirt… some new golf balls (he’s a golfer!), more socks or brandy… things that he doesn’t need and probably has lots of as we purchase these gifts every year.

I then thought about a time when I bought my friend a piece of jewellery once that I loved, and I never saw her wear it, even though she was very grateful and said she loved it… when I asked what she would prefer for her birthday the year after, as I didn’t want to get her something she didn’t like again, she said something I would never have thought of! She then explained that she liked the jewellery last year but she’s just not a jewellery person. Attention I wasn’t paying when I was unknowingly choosing the bracelet for her with myself in mind!!

So, I decided to do the smart thing… call my dad and ask him, to which he said he would be very grateful for some dollars for his up and coming trip… perfect!

It is very easy to emotionally purchase things, or think about things, and believing you have that person in mind, when in fact, we are missing the whole point! Without even realising.

I invite you to think about whether you have your customers needs and wants at the forefront of your mind… yes, we are taught to think this way, and we know to give the customer ‘what they want’… but are we really listening?

Are you simply a source of information for your customers, for them to ask away and receive the knowledge or validation they are looking for on the choice in their minds… or are you influencing them in other ways to get what you ultimately want… the ‘sale’?

Stop selling, start listening…it’s magic!

Let me know how you get on….


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